Public Jobs

Bids due in 4 days
5/11/21 2:00 pm
Science Building Plaza Restoration, Bid Number B0027479
Indiana State University
600 Chestnut Walk
Restoration of the SW entrance plaza at the Science Building
Bids due in 13 days
5/20/21 2:00 pm
Tunnel T-12 Repairs 2021, Bid Number B0027475
Indiana State University
Campus of Indiana State University as indicated on Drawings
Concrete patching and pipe rack repairs in a utility tunnel
Bidding Closed
5/6/21 2:00 pm
Upgrades to PTAC Units in University Apartments Unit # 3, Bid Number B0027485
Indiana State University
University Apartments Unit 3, 201 Crawford Street, Terre Haute, IN 47809
Enlarging of thru the wall opening for new sleeve and louver
Bidding Closed
4/22/21 2:00 pm
Gillum Hall 2021 HVAC Upgrades, Bid Number B0027478
Indiana State University
217 North 6th Street, Terre Haute, Indiana 47809
Upgrades to the HVAC system on the 3rd floor of Gillum Hall
Bidding Closed
4/13/21 2:00 pm
Parking Lot Repairs 2021 Bid Number B0027469
Indiana State University
Various parking lots on the campus of Indiana State University
Milling and patching, crack seal, sealcoat and striping of various Parking Lots at ISU
Bidding Closed
3/11/21 2:00 pm
CHHS Athletics Area Roof Replacement, Bid Number B0027420
Indiana State University
401 N 4th Street, Terre Haute, Indiana 47809
Roof tear-off and replacement of the CHHS Roof over the Athletic Area
Bidding Closed
2/25/21 2:00 pm
University Apartments Unit 3 Window Replacements, Bid Number B0027436
Indiana State University
201 Crawford Street, Terre Haute, IN 47809
Window replacement in apartment units.
Bidding Closed
2/11/21 2:00 pm
ISU Medium Voltage Cable Replacement 2021, Bid Number B0027085
Indiana State University
See drawings for exact location of work
Replacement of MV Cables and terminations in ISU utility tunnel T-02
Bidding Closed
11/5/20 2:00 pm
ISU Gillum Hall 2020 HVAC Upgrades, Bid Number B0027371
Indiana State University
Gillum Hall, 217 N 6th Street, Terre Haute, IN 47809
Upgrade of O.A. HVAC system and fan coil units
Bidding Closed
10/29/20 2:00 pm
Lincoln Quad Demolition & Site Improvements, Bid Number B0027341
Indiana State University
650 North 6th Street, Terre Haute, Indiana 47809
Demolition of the Lincoln Quad Residence Hall and restoration of the site.